How I Maintain My Eyebrows

With salons closed, it can be tough to maintain our beauty regimens. I’ve definitely been missing getting my nails and hair done, but luckily, I can still keep other parts of my beauty routine going at home. I’ve been doing my eyebrows at home for some time now and found a routine and system that works for me. It doesn’t involve wax or any crazy at-home kits. It’s easy, simple and keeps my brows in order.

I started getting my eyebrows waxed when I was younger because I was one of those kids with a persistent unibrow. Fast forward several years, and my brows started to take shape and no longer needed the constant attention. While I still had the ‘fuzzies’ on my brow bone and in the center, I felt I no longer needed to wax and instead starting cleaning up my brows at home with an eyebrow razor and tweezers. Here is the eyebrow razor and tweezers I use!

Eyebrow razors and tweezers can be intimidating because you don’t want to start removing too much hair. My tip is if it looks like its ‘growing back,’ then it can go. If you look at your brows in a mirror, you can tell the difference between your brow hairs and the excess that grows in the middle and below/above the brow. If you don’t want to risk touching the eyebrow shape, no problem! Just simply remove the unwanted hairs in the middle.

What I like to do is take my eyebrow razor and lightly shave the stubble hairs from below and above the brow. I always hold the skin taut and make sure to use just the point of the razor, so I can have complete control. I’ll then take tweezers and remove the tiny hairs that I couldn’t get with the razor. Those are usually the thinner hairs closer to the eyelid. The middle of the brows tends to be the easiest. I still use the corner of the razor for complete control and will remove the unwanted hair. I personally NEVER trim the length of my brow hairs with scissors. I’d rather have longer strands than risk cutting the entire eyebrow off!

I like the eyebrow razor because it allows for easy hair removal and maintenance. They’re more commonly known as facial razors and can remove other types of unwanted hair, such as the upper lip. I don’t find the hair grows back any thicker or faster compared to other methods.

Remember to never share eyebrow razors and always clean your tweezers with rubbing alcohol before and after use. I also recommend replacing your brow razor often, as the razor can become dull and irritate the skin.

I hope this makes maintaining your eyebrows at home easy and pain free!


I know it has been a hard past few weeks for everyone, and I hope you are all staying healthy and safe! Maintaining your beauty routine can provide a sense of normalcy, but growing out your hair and nails and letting your skin breath can also provide great benefits. So don’t stress and take this time to connect with your loved ones virtually.

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