Instagram Recap: Top Makeup Looks

I have posted a lot of makeup tutorials in the last few weeks, and if you are as busy as I am, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Thankfully, selfies and Instagram make it easy to make a portfolio like profile that let’s me and YOU remember some of my favorite looks that I created. Below are just a recap of a few!

1173108_460409927482762_1714377567_n 12142073_538260476337010_782771184_n 12269895_1497638870538152_1832945091_n 12353260_1081471291885973_783023779_n 12523576_962709733807801_152239975_n 12545328_537598346414770_1069974861_n 12729615_1064247896951332_1655785264_n

YouTube Channel: Courtney Kaner

Instagram: @courtneyk1

Twitter: @CourtneyKaner



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