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No one is perfect! Those who say they are cannot accept the fact that imperfections exist in the world! Love yourself and who you are! Never let someone bring you down and ruin your day! Stay positive! Life isn’t about achieving perfection; it’s about discovering a path that you want to lead! So many people try to achieve something that in our realities are unattainable. Don’t try to imitate their life because it is not one that we would want to live! Find your own path and love every minute of it! Realize that what you want to achieve is perfect for you, and only you! Relax and think about what is really important in life: family, health, beauty, love and positivity! Those are my philosophies… What are yours?

Stay beautiful and happy no matter what the situation may be. Tomorrow will always bring something new and bright!

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Long hair don’t care? Why not?! With fashion constantly changing, your hair certainly doesn’t! Long hair is extremely versatile and probably one of the reasons why I love it so much! It allows you to play around with different looks, without committing to just one! Besides, who wouldn’t want long luxurious locks?You have the ability to wear it up in a ponytail or bun, down straight, or even wavy. You can even pin your long locks into a short bob with the right technique! Whatever the look may be, long hair will help you achieve it!

My favorite look is obviously the classic Kim Kardashian waves (before baby). It not only looks good on everyone, but can actually make you appear slimmer. Achieving the look is simple! All you need is an inch to 2 inch curling iron or wand and a good hairspray to achieve the look! I use Elnett, which I recommend 100%! It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or sticky, but lasts all day! It’s super simple and not time consuming! It also won’t leave a dent in your wallet! I was able to purchase one of my curling wands in Target for $17!!!!! It’s so cheap, and good quality! You can’t go wrong!

One thing I’ve been dying to try out is clip-in hair extensions. Bellami has reputable and quality real remi-hair extensions in a number of colors. They vary in price based on the number of grams you buy! The company has been supplying celebrities and beauty gurus with their long locks for years! Recently, the company launched a line of hair extensions by reality star and beauty guru Lilly Ghalichi! She is beautiful and has great, big hair too! Her sets come with (I believe) 220 grams of hair, but you can always check out her line, as well as the rest of Bellami’s hair extensions at http://www.bellamihair.com/.

I can’t wait to have my own set, but for now I will style my long locks just the way they are!

e2401ebaf080f3799272b8973c274ec1 Lilly-Ghalichi-Hot-in-Snug-Neon-Dress-at-TCA-Winter-Press-Tour Persian-Barbie-Lilly-Ghalichi-Shahs Kim Kardashian casual long wavy hairstyle

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Quote of the Day!


Beauty isn’t only external; it’s internal too. The more beautiful you are on the inside, the more it’ll show on the outside! Stay positive and love yourself and those around you! Show your beauty and strength and kill them with kindness! Love your life and live everyday to its fullest. Lots of love!

-XOXO Navy and Lace


Winter Wonderland

I always get asked in the winter how I stay so warm yet chic! For me it’s pretty simple, but others think you have to layer and layer in the 20 degree weather! Layering can get very uncomfortable and can look very bulky. I’ve found that a quality, versatile coat is the key along with cute head-warmers and gloves! The look I’m wearing below is one of my favorites! The head-warmer is so adorable with the knit flower detail and keeps my head warm! It is from the store Francesca’s and can be worn two ways, either as a regular headband or how I am wearing it. The gloves are fingerless, which I love because it allows me to have easy access to my phone. They are Betsey Johnson, and I fell in love with the cheetah print. My scarf is burgundy and was purchased from Nordstrom’s, and my coat is Ivanka Trump, which I am in love with! It is so warm, and I can’t get enough of how it cinches in the waist, so it looks like I have a waist under all the bulk. One con about it is that it doesn’t have a hood, but that isn’t a problem for me because I don’t normally need one! The boots are made by Ugg, but I usually would have worn my Hunter wellies or my Sam Edelman riding boot, if it wasn’t so slushy out! Each of these items were great purchases and perfect for mixing in matching! Remember: Don’t only stay warm in this winter wonderland, but stay fabulous!

IMG_1893 IMG_1891 IMG_1883

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Sugar and Spice

The smell of peppermint bark and cooked ginger bread aren’t normally something you’d want to use in the shower, right? That is certainly about to change! Philosophy has come out with a line of holiday gifts that will surely make your taste buds water. The fragrances actually smell like they came right out of the oven, considering they contain real chocolate or other edible ingredients. At first, I was hesitant to try these scents, since I am used to a fresh, citrus smell in the shower. However, these warm fragrances smell delectable and feel great on the skin too! The set I bought was only $42, which is a steal, and contains four body washes/shampoo and four glosses, which are also mouth watering. I had to apply the marshmallow three times because I could not stop licking my lips!

These sets are a steal for the holidays and vary in scents and themes. I bought my best friend the package with “baked goods,” containing frosting and cookie scented goodies. Can I also say the packaging is adorable and so chic! Definitely a great way to save wrapping paper!

So for this holiday, definitely check out the Philosophy sets of lotions, glosses, and body washes/shampoo. They are so versatile and are a great gift for anyone in your life! They can be found at Sephora, but get them while they last! They be running out fast!I approve and cannot wait to try out more of their products! Definitely worth the splurge!

IMG_1870 IMG_1880 IMG_1877 IMG_1869

-XOXO Navy and Lacy


Quote of the Day: Coco Chanel <3

Words of wisdom from the queen herself! Life is too short to care what others think! Be yourself and love every moment of it! Life is about being happy, so live your life to the fullest!
Stay tuned for more fashion posts this weekend! I have great ideas!
-XOXO Navy and Lace

Peek a Boo….

Even though it’s the middle of December, you can still show a little skin. I’m not talking about cleavage, ladies. Open backs are my new obsession and should be worn more readily. They look great on nearly everyone and leave a little to the imagination. Open backs on shirts are cute, only if they are done properly. Many can look cheap, tacky, and border line too much. However, open backs on dresses are stunning! Whether it’s an evening gown,or just a short, casual skater dress, the open back adds a twist onto a classic look.

But you don’t need to show off your entire back to achieve the look. A little peek a boo goes a long way. I recently bought a fabulous burgundy dress with a triangle opening in the back. It’s classy, but adds a little surprise when you turn around.

To avoid ruining the look, make sure you wear the proper bra. Victoria Secret and Target sell the chicken cutlets, as well as the bra with sticky sides. They are reusable and so worth getting! It’s a staple piece that every girls’ closet should have!

So why not take the leap, and show a little skin the classy way? It’ll make heads turn and set all eyes on you, especially during the holidays.

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-XOXO Navy and Lace

Love The Skin You’re In….

Some may say beauty is only skin deep, but they do not understand the half of it. Think about it, the first thing people notice when looking at you is your skin. So why can’t we all have perfection? Biologically, everyone’s skin is different. Some are blessed with the beautifully, flawless skin seen on models. Others, struggle with acne and other blemishes. Being a struggler of acne myself, I know how hard it is to have clear skin one day and be pimple-faced the next. It’s difficult, especially since makeup becomes my savior. However, it shouldn’t be! I’ve finally learned that clean, healthy skin is more important than perfection. Taking extra steps, such as moisturizing or cleansing daily, can do wonders. I always say happy skin means a happy person. But if it’s not that easy for you, and you need a little more attention for the problem areas, have no fear and see a dermatologist! They are the experts, not you! Do not spend money on products that you have no idea if they will work or not! Take action and make it happen! There is always a solution, and you will feel happier and more confident knowing that you are taking steps to healthier skin.

Over the years, I have collected acne and skin products regularly. I have a regimen that works for me and that I’d love to share with you! I wash my face about 3 or 4 times a day, probably not the best thing for my skin, but it’s my routine. I am a huge advocate for Neutrogena products, considering they actually work and are reputable. I use their oil-free grapefruit face wash, along with the scrub. I also use their oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin, along with and eye creme, since my skin is really dry! I also use Proactive on a daily basis and recommend it for people with cystic acne. Finally, at night, I use my ointments prescribed by my dermatologist, which help with major problem areas.

Healthy skin is happy skin! Taking extra steps to help unwanted blemishes or acne could pay off in the long run and make you feel happier! Always feel confident in your own skin, and don’t be afraid to wear no makeup! You are beautiful either way!


Until Next time 🙂

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Kiss Me: Plum Edition

With winter creeping up on us, my entire wardrobe and beauty products took a drastic turn, including my lip color. I have never been a fan of bold, “in your face” lips, but then I felt the urge to experiment. Being obsessed with burgundy hues and plums, I took a leap and made a major purchase at Sephora. The color known as “crush” by the Sephora brand has graced my lips on many occasions from my Thanksgiving feast to a simple date. This is the one color that compliments my fair skin tone and chocolate locks! Obviously, the shade depends on the tone and complexion of your skin tone, but why not take the leap. This color looks nearly good on everyone, and even if it is not plum, experiment with a little color. You’d be surprised how it can change up your outfit from drab to fab! The color is usually found in every brand, from drug stores to your department store counters. So why not take the leap? Experiment! That’s what makeup is for! You’d be surprised how a little lipstick can go miles when it comes to your confidence! Stand out, be bold, and show a little color! What do you have to lose?

Remember, stay confident, beautiful, intelligent, positive, love always, and live everyday to its fullest!

-XOXO Navy and Lace

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“The best color…

“The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you.”
-Coco Chanel
Credit:( http://mylovelyquotes.com/the-one-that-looks-good-on-you-clothing-quotes-and-sayings/)


“Believe in fashion, beauty, and yourself. Do what you love and look great doing it. Always stay confident in your own skin, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.”

-Moi 🙂

Words of wisdom for this chilly Sunday. Enjoy! First post!


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