Prom is just around the corner for many of you pretty ladies, and it is key that you put your best foot forward and prepare for the amazing day! The dress is obviously your duty, but I am here to give you tips and tricks for beauty and hair for the big day! Whether you are doing it yourself or getting it done, these will come in handy for prom or any other formal occasion!


Makeup is key for prom! If you want to self tan, please be my guest and do so, but just know that that is not a replacement for your makeup. Tip number one if you self tan: do not self tan your face! The skin on your face tends to be very sensitive, and this could cause breakouts and just look too unnatural. That is where foundation comes in! Everyone should consider wearing some sort of coverage for prom! Whether it’s a foundation or CC/BB cream, the coverage will give you a flawless appearance and help against any oil or shine! (And if you are really bold, try contouring; it will look amazing in photos!)

Eye makeup is a no brainer, but many don’t even bother thinking about doing lashes! False lashes can look very beautiful and add a nice touch to a gorgeous look! I recommend cutting the falsies to the natural shape of your eye or just placing them at the outer corners! This creates a more natural and long lash look, without being overwhelming or heavy on the eye!

Don’t forget to also choose a beautiful lip color! Whether it’s sheer or bold, try to invest in something that will really make your look pop, and that you could wear again!

**For short dress gals: Sally Hanson has a spray on leg makeup made to help cover up any bruising or scars on your legs! Just make sure you rub it in very well and take time to let it dry! DON’T GET IT ON YOUR DRESS!


Hair is also a very crucial part to any prom look! To make it last all day, make sure to use a great hairspray! My go to is the Loreal Elnett! This helps keep my curls in all day, leaving them soft and touchable! Also don’t be afraid to accessorize with your hair! Hair clips and pins are a perfect way to add a little sparkle without going over board!

I hope this helped all of you prom goers this season! My previous beauty and favorites post listed a number of products I use and love, if you’d like to try them! Have an amazing 2014 prom! I know you all will look beautiful.

*Below are some of my favorite prom makeup and hair looks! (Casey Holmes and Nicole Guerriero are the main beauties below! Check them out on Youtube!)

**P.S. If you can’t tell, I am a lover of leaving the hair down for prom! Looks very glamorous!

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-XOXO Navy and Lace

The Blue Jean Blues

Happy Saturday! Although it may be rainy in some parts of the east coast, this did not stop me from having a wonderful day! And of course, there was no slacking on the hair, makeup, and outfit! Let’s just say the rain was a good excuse to pull out the worn jeans and rock them on this very blue day!

Today, I chose to wear a pair of legging style skinny jeans in a light blue with bleach marks around the leg. The worn look was a great feeling for today’s very dreary tone. I paired the pants with a 3/4 sleeve stripe knit, tucked in just a bit in the front! I added on a mint jewel statement necklace for a girly touch and wore my black hunter rain boots for necessary rain protection! Makeup and hair had to be done full out too! I curled my hair with a one inch curling iron, wrapping each piece separately around the barrel. Don’t forget the hairspray! That is the only reason my hair stayed in place all day, even in the rain! It also helps if your hair is not freshly washed or straightened! For makeup, I did a simple matte face, with limited contouring, some highlighting, but a lot of glow! I did a plain black liquid liner with a wing, a bit of coco line on the bottom, and plenty of black mascara! Can’t forget about the lashes!

This look is perfection! It was so easy to throw a rain coat on over and go, but it will also work great on a warmer day with flats or sandals! Switching up the look, you could add a scarf or long pendent necklace, or even some bangles in replacement of the statement piece! Just don’t over accessorize!

Try this look! Light denim is the trick, especially with the warmer months hopefully on their way! Until next time!

Jeans: Gap    Shirt: J Crew (Similar)     Necklace: Leavitt and Co.     Boots: Hunter

IMG_2338 IMG_2339 IMG_2340 IMG_2341 IMG_2342 IMG_2343 IMG_2344

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Hair is an important part to every girl! If your hair isn’t looking good for even one second, it feels as though the entire world is crashing down. Bad hair days really are not fun. I decided to shy away for a day from the usual fashion post, and take a journey through my hair styles of Navy and Lace. Trust me, I have had my fair share of hair do’s and don’ts. Let’s take a journey and I’ll give you my secrets to long, full, and stylish looking hair!

Curly or Wavy:

IMG_1927 IMG_1959 IMG_1969 IMG_2008 IMG_2173 IMG_2237


I love curls and waves! Ever since I learned my “own” technique to doing it, I have been obsessed! I get asked a lot how long it takes me to do my whole head… It actually only takes me about 20 minutes! My hair is naturally wavy and somewhat thick; therefore, it can hold the curl much better! My recommendation is to curl your hair when you haven’t washed it recently. If you absolutely have to, make sure you only blow dry it. Do not straighten your hair because then it will not allow your hair to fully hold the curl! Lots of hairspray is also a necessity! I am the hairspray queen, and that is probably the main reason why my hair stays in place so well! I use Elnett by Loreal, which I have discussed in previous posts. I typically use a curling iron with a one inch barrel and simply wrap the curls around it! I do not use the clamp. Curling wands also work, depending on how tight you want them to be or how long you want them to last throughout the day! I will hopefully have a tutorial up soon!

Bun Head:

IMG_1951 IMG_2241

Sock buns are a perfect way to style your hair on a bad or lazy hair day! I first discovered them when I was struggling with messy buns! Sock buns are clean looking and easy to do. All you need is a regular sock! Just cut off the toe and roll the sock into a scrunchy! Take your high ponytail and then begin to roll down the sock on the pony, and the hair will slowly wrap around it! It’s easy, simple, and free! You don’t even have to purchase anything!

Straight Hair:

IMG_2009 IMG_2255

Straight is my go to! I would technically say it’s my signature because it is what I wear normally! I do blow dry and flat iron my hair, but not every day! Everyone thinks I do, but that’s a lie! I don’t wash my hair everyday because it drys it out! So, I do every other day, with styling in between! I use a baby bliss flat iron, and it is my life! They are expensive, but they guarantee to last years. Since I am a hot tools pro, make sure you are using your flat irons and curling irons properly! Do not have it on a temp that is too high! It will burn your hair! Make sure it is at a level that your hair can handle! Also, take time to learn and use them properly! Youtube is a great place to do so! Trust me, that is how I learned all my tips and techniques.

I hope to get a tutorial up soon and actually show everyone! But until next time!

-XOXO Navy and Lace

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