Instagram Outfit Breakdown

Friday night, I was decked out for a spring formal! My outfit consisted of leather, satin, and plenty of sass.

  1. Urban Outfitters Wheat Chain Wrap Choker Necklace
  2. Trouve Drape Front Leather Jacket
  3.  Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Tie-Shoulder Silky Mini Dress
  4. Michael Kors Cindy Large Dome Crossbody
  5. Sam Edelman Susie Ankle Strap Sandal

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and look of this dress. On the hanger, it looked bland, but on, it was very flattering and fit perfectly. Having to adjust the shoulder tie got annoying, but it made for easy adjustments if needed. Just be careful pulling it too much or the length will be way too short. Paired with the leather jacket and heels, the look was perfect for the weather (rainy). This would be great for a night out with friends or a date!

-XOXO Courtney

A Furry Holiday Delight

IMG_1261 IMG_1263

IMG_1266 IMG_1267

IMG_1268 IMG_1269


Vest: TJ Max (Similar)      Dress: Forever 21 (Similar)      Boots: Sam Edelman (In previous posts)

You’re probably thinking, What am I going to wear for the holidays?! You have the option of wearing red or green, but sometimes changing it up is necessary!

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Gardens and Roses

Beautiful fall days make me reminisce of times when I was a child and playing in the garden. The flowers and petals, bushes and foliage make me feel right at home in the city. Today’s fall look was perfect for a day spent with the calmness of sweet grass and large oaks.

I am wearing a gray, knit sweater with a high/low hem. I paired it with a pair of olive, coated denim and added a leopard scarf. I wore a nice pair of chestnut riding boots (my favorite) and finished the look with a wide brim black hat, and my Tory Burch tote!

This look is so easy and casual! The weather was perfectly crisp, so luckily I didn’t need a heavy coat! Also, coated denim is probably my favorite for this fall! They are very comfy jeans, but have a little extra flare, almost like leather.

Make a day to spend outside with beautiful trees or flowers! Soon it’ll be winter, and all there will be is the crisp, white snow.

Sweater: H&M       Jeans: Paige Jeans     Scarf: H&M (Similar)     Hat: Forever 21 (Similar)    Boots: Sam Edelman

IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1090 IMG_1093 IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1106


-XOXO Navy and Lace

Street Edge

Street style is one of the main components of fashion that I admire. The ability to see all different styles and takes on a piece of clothing is amazing and never gets old. I would hope my viewers would think that the outfits I demonstrate on my blog are street style worthy. Today, especially, I wanted to have that cool street style with an edge.

I chose to photograph, as seen in the image, in an alleyway with the layers of brick behind me! (I thought it really pushed the idea of the street style vibe I wanted!) Anyway, I am wearing a black and red checkered flannel, tucked into the top of my denim. My pants are black, almost leather denim. The pant is smooth like denim, but shines like a leather. They are so cool! I paired it with my favorite nude, studded Sam Edelman flats and a simple black tote bag.

This look is perfect for the recent fall weather! The pants are an awesome way to add that edge to your style, and the flannel makes the look comfortable and easy! Pairing a more elegant looking blouse will dress the look up, so feel free to make it your own!

Try to incorporate different looks into your street style and develop something that is your own! As long as you wear it with confidence, then the rest will take care of itself.

Pants: Nordstrom (Similar)   Flannel: Nordstrom (Similar)     Shoes: Sam Edelman      Bag: Tory Burch  (Bag and shoes not found online 🙁

IMG_0824 IMG_0825

IMG_0826 IMG_0830 IMG_0834

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Fashion Excitement: Sam Edelman’s ‘Ollie’ T-Strap Pump

I was browsing in Nordstroms (because what else do I have to do on a Saturday afternoon), and I could not believe my eyes! Sitting right in front of me was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Sam Edelman has come out with the Ollie T-strap Pump! You all probably have no idea why I am so excited about this…

Well… Over the last year, Valentino has had their Rockstud Patent T-Strap Pump on the market! They are the perfect pump for any occasion! They come in an assortment of colors, and the studs add an edgy pop to a very feminine style! However, they are $945… I do not have that money laying around anywhere, and if I did, I would have bought three pairs already! Well, Sam Edelman has their Ollie pump, which is an exact replica of the Valentino pump, but for a much cheaper price!

Obviously it cannot compare to the luxury of an item like a pair of Valentinos, but for a girl on a very strict budget it’ll do! They give you the same style for much less. The only evident difference is that they only come in two colors for now, and the studs are more subtle than the Valentino! On the plus side, they offer the style of a T-Strap pump without suffering from extreme buyers remorse after!

Of course, if you can afford the Valentino, then go and purchase them, girl! But, if you are like me and need something a little less pricey, I recommend the Sam Edelman! Either way, the style is necessary for every girls closet! The T-Strap Pump is a must no matter what the brand is!


On left: Sam Edelman Ollie T-Strap Pump

On right: Valentino Rockstud Patent T-Strap Pump

-XOXO Navy and Lace

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