The Best Athletic Wear for Everyday

For three years now, working out has been a major part of my life. It is incredible therapy and has even better physical and health benefits. When it comes to exercising or even having what I call “comfy fitness” days, I always want to sport the best athletic wear.




Forever 21 has the best black legging workout bottoms. You can find the ones I am wearing in this photo here. I also get most of my workout jackets and shirts from Marshalls! They are inexpensive and so cute, as well as stylish, which is so important to me. On this day, I wore my short, chestnut Uggs, but I also like to sport my favorite pair of Nikes, especially if I am going to be running around with my furry nephew.

Try styling some athletic wear into your wardrobe. It is cozy and an easy way to motivate yourself to live actively!

-XOXO Courtney

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