It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Mind or Your Outfit…

Like most girls, I am very indecisive, especially when it comes to what I wear. I’ll pick out an outfit, accessorize it, then completely change my mind. One of my greatest assets is unfortunately also my greatest falt. However, it’s not a big deal! As long as you feel good in what you end up wearing, then that is all that matters!

My outfit shown is another take on a Christmas/holiday look. My black trousers are perfect for any figure. They are high-waisted, have a tie string for the waist, and become slimmer and narrower as they reach the ankle. The fabric is so comfortable and definitely another option if you don’t want to wear a skirt of dress. I paired the pants with a cow neck blouse, which is creme and has no sleeves. (It also shimmers!) I tucked the shirt in, in order to show off my waist and the pants better. For a jacket, I decided to add a little bit of edge and use a black leather jacket, and paired the look with my leopard flats. Because I kept the style to simple and classic with only the flats as a pop out piece, I decided to layer on an orange/coral lipstick and slicked my hair up tight in a sock bun. I recommend the sock bun just in case you may be having a bad hair day. Finally, I kept the look with minimal jewelry, only pearl studs.

The pop of color on the lips and the leopard print flats are definitely a way to keep this look classy and basic. I like how they are unexpected and something that catches people’s eyes! They definitely photograph well too!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends. And remember, whatever you are wearing, stay confident and fabulous!

IMG_1952 IMG_1953 IMG_1951 IMG_1950 IMG_1946 IMG_1944 IMG_1942

-XOXO Navy and Lace

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